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Zheng Linbang (郑林芳) Artist's Biography (Member of China Crafts and Fine Arts Society, Member of Yixingja Business Association, Ceramicist 陶艺艺人)

Jeongrimbang is a female artist and was born in 1969 into a pottery (jasaho) family and has been greatly influenced by her parents since she was young. Since I was little, I liked Juniho, and I studied Juniho deeply.
Her husband, Yang Soon-ryong, was also very attached to Juniho, and through this relationship, she got married and studied Juniho more professionally and deeply.
Jasho Jasho, born in the 1960s and 1970s, has a low academic background and has only done functional research, so most of them do not have a job title and are called private potters or ceramic artists.

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